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What Clients Say

Jacqueline Choachuy-03_edited_edited.png

"I met Jacqueline for the first time today and she was amazing! Her energy, right off the bat was very light, warm and welcoming.


She was very respectful and

SPOT ON during our session.

I will definitely be going back to Jacqueline for more sessions in the near future!"

Marianne M.

Toronto, CANADA

"Jacqueline is such an amazing Medium and Healer. I have often received very valuable and lovely contacts and messages from my loved ones in the Spiritual world through her.

She also gives great soul readings and messages from heaven that often helped me on my way.

I can really recommend Jacqueline because she is such a loving and sympathetic person with a wonderful gift that she is fortunate to share with us. Thanks soooo much!"

Verena K.


 "Jacqueline is very down to earth, empathetic and a Highly Intuitive Evidential Medium.


She gives very detailed, accurate evidence throughout a reading and always delivers information in a caring way. I have no hesitation recommending Jacqueline if you are in need of healing from loss of a loved one or looking for clarification in a situation.


Her psychic abilities are mind blowing. She is genuinely able to help and is a beautiful soul." ♥️

Betty K.

Boston, USA

"Jacqueline was on point to the clothes that my dad wore, his expression of speech and even the layout of our house which we sold years ago after my dad passed away.


What's ironic is that I don't go to these kinds of "supernatural" stuff, but somehow I'm always brought by someone to them. I don't really believe in these stuff as I've witnessed a few mediums before and they all seemed fake or like I don't really feel what everyone is saying they feel but Jacqueline is different.


She really sees and communicates with the dead."

Cherie S.

New Brunswick, CANADA

"We made a connection very quickly and I felt safe and heard. Jacqueline was extremely professional, friendly and informative.


Her reading gave me and my family a lot of peace and closure. Would highly recommend to friends and family."

Vanessa H.

Markham, CANADA

"I just had a mediumship reading with Jacqueline.


What a wonderful experience it was!


This was my first time and I never knew what to expect. Her deep connection with spirits brought forth insightful messages.


She’s very kind and friendly not to mention a true professional. Thank you again."

Annie S.

Toronto, CANADA

"My first accurate and very detailed reading.


The way she described and relayed messages from our loved ones is easy to understand.


It was such a meaningful experience!"

Niki K.


"Jacqueline was both professional and easy to talk to.  Her connection brought forth a sense of comfort and love from beyond. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends.


Her gifts and abilities cannot be described, only experienced."

Frances F.

Markham, CANADA

"She really takes the time to connect you to your loved ones.


The whole experience was really heartwarming. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family."

Dewey C.

New Brunswick, CANADA

"Jacqueline is a very down to earth person. She is very grounded and it's so easy to connect with her. She will pick up on your energies right away. I know this for a fact because me and my mom both went to her and instantly we both connected without even telling her anything just through the energies without any tools like tarot cards. She was able to tell us all many different areas of her life.


I was very impressed and will continue to be a client. I can't say enough about this talented amazing lady. She has looked into so much deeply for me. I am forever grateful and thankful for her insights.


I am so blessed I found her."

Jualiana C.

Toronto, CANADA

"The session I have experienced with Jaqueline was very surprising ,somehow helped me to have a acceptance & closure.


I would highly recommend her if you have some meaningful encounter with your dead love ones."

Marites P.

North York, CANADA

 "My experience with Jacqueline was nothing short of amazing.


My dad's passing was quite abrupt for everyone, so for him to relay messages to us was emotional. It wasn't random or a play in our emotions ....she talks to you casually, provides you small specific details of the person as she's shown (I would say how he is on the other side). These details confirm she's talking to the right person."

Cheryl N.

Markham, CANADA

"Jacqueline did an amazing job bringing through my grandfather with some interesting evidence.


She even gave me information that at the time was an "I don't know", but I later found out to be true!


That to me is proof that Jacqueline has an amazing ability! Thank you for the great reading."

Catherine R.

Chatham, USA

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